VTC Mobile not only provides customers with mobile value-added services but also provides partners with handy solutions in order to jointly develop customer base and give them better services. The solutions VTC Mobile currently offers include e-payment solutions, customer care call center and copyrighted content. In the future, VTC Mobile shall develop more solutions to satisfy more customers’ demands.

Scoin - The new solution for all services of VTC Mobile

Scoin is a e-wallet service providing payment solutions which can sync across all devices and mobile platforms. Topped-up cash will be converted to Scoin. This virtual currency can be used for all services of VTC Mobile, especially for games published by the company.


- Smart, safe, confidential
- Convenient, user-friendly
- Many incentives for users

With Scoin, users are able to:

1. Manage personal accounts. Users can log in via popular social networks such as Facebook or G+...
2. Pay for all services and games provided by VTC Mobile.
3. Update the lastest information about all games published by VTC Mobile.
4. Purchase in-game items directly on Scoin website.
5. Download the lastest versions of mobile games published by VTC Mobile.
6. Join many frequent events with valuable rewards.