Mobile value-added services (VAS) of VTC Mobile are being increasingly expanded and perfected in both quantity and quality with a lot of new utility services for mobile subscribers.


Not just a normal e-commerce website, Vsale itself is a useful news portal where customers can easily find a lot of packages and services in all categories including entertainment, tourism, food and education. Especially when shopping on Vsale, customer can also join an extremely exciting online auction named "Invest one, collect millions" which is one of the most successful e-commerce model in the World.

Content copyrights

Being the pioneer in Mobile VAS, from the early days, VTC Mobile set its goal to be the biggest content provider which can distribute copyrights of mobile contents, creating a strong relationship between content makers, distributors and the market.

VTC Mobile currently own over 2 million Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English songs, over 3000 mobile games. Especially, with the large team of sport experts, journalists, journalism collaborators, VTC Mobile has been creating a lot of popular contents of soccer, lottery, market, agriculture, weather, etc

With the enormous content storage and the abundant creativity, VTC Mobile is always ready to provide partners with valuable copyrighted contents.