VTC Mobile not only provides customers with mobile value-added services but also provides partners with handy solutions in order to jointly develop customer base and give them better services. The solutions VTC Mobile currently offers include e-payment solutions, customer care call center and copyrighted content. In the future, VTC Mobile shall develop more solutions to satisfy more customers’ demands.

Scoin - The new solution for all services of VTC Mobile

Scoin is a e-wallet service providing payment solutions which can sync across all devices and mobile platforms. Topped-up cash will be converted to Scoin. This virtual currency can be used for all services of VTC Mobile, especially for games published by the company.


- Smart, safe, confidential
- Convenient, user-friendly
- Many incentives for users

With Scoin, users are able to:

1. Manage personal accounts. Users can log in via popular social networks such as Facebook or G+...
2. Pay for all services and games provided by VTC Mobile.
3. Update the lastest information about all games published by VTC Mobile.
4. Purchase in-game items directly on Scoin website.
5. Download the lastest versions of mobile games published by VTC Mobile.
6. Join many frequent events with valuable rewards.

Customer Care Call Center

Automatic PBX service and Customer Care PBX are chosen by more and more companies to take care of their customers. Currently, beside 50 PBX branches of 190034xx, VTC Mobile also provide automatic PBX services and Customer Care services for rent. These services are especially useful for companies with strong marketing ability or good contents because of fast payment process, low fixed rent cost and stable connection system to all telecommunication networks.