Notification of Vietnam Hero Pro League 2016


Whatdoes VietnamHPL mean?

-Vietnam HPL (Vietnam Hero Pro League) is a part of the global league system of CrisisAction whichis aprofessional mobile FPSgame leaguein the world. 

-Vietnam HPL league has been held nationwide to find the best team in thecountry. They will represent Vietnammobile FPS gamercommunity to attend the World HPL final which takes place in Beijing, China in December, 2016.

Valuable Awards

-The first place: 95.000.000 VND of which 50.000.000 VND is paid in cash.

-The second place:60.000.000 VND of which 30.000.000 VND is paidin cash.

-The third place:45.000.000 VND of which 20.000.000 VND is paidin cash.

-All costsof participating the WorldHPL finalin Beijing, China are coveredfor theChampion.

Competition time.

-15/8 -22/8/2016: Registration

-29/8 -18/09/2016: Online qualifying round

-26/9 -16/10/2016: Regional finals

-06/11/2016:Nationwide final

-December,2016: the WorldHPL finalin Beijing, China.

Whocan attend?

-All gamers of Tap Kich nationwide.

-All Vietnamese people over 18 living and working inVietnam can register andparticipate the competition.

-Theteams withthe highest total rankpoints in5 servers of TapKich.

Competition rules

-5vs5 teamcompetition:Eachteam has 5 members.

-Eachattendee can register to be a member of 01 (one) team only.

-Leader of each team will register for the league on behalf of all their members.

-Competitionmodes: BO3 and BO5 includingbomband competition team.

-The organizing committee will decidecolor of each team.

Notification of the League:

-Keep updatedon website:

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