“VTC Mobile Festival” – The biggest Thank-you party to customers


On May 15th, 2016, by successfully holding the event "VTC MobileFestival", VTC Mobile officially reached a memorable milestone in thejourney of conquering Vietnam gaming market. This is the biggest game eventheld by VTC Mobile in order to show their gratitude to customers and introduce theirnew products and services.

At the Gym Military Zone 7 in Ho Chi Minh City, in the early minutes,thousands of people were already there to visit booths, meet their in-gamefriends and watch live game battles between talented gamers.

Beside main contents of the event, many other activities includingcosplaying, lucky draw and music shows performed by famous singers such as DongNhi, Toc Tien, Hari Won and Trong Nhan made “VTC Mobile Festival” hotter thanever".

According to the organizing committee, almost 10.000 people attended theevent at the Gym Military Zone 7, 2.000.000 people registered to join the eventonline and thousands of giftcodes and gifts were given to customers. The resultwas the motivation for VTC Mobile to continue introducing their high-qualityproducts and services to customers, affirming their brandname in Vietnammarket. Let’s look at the most impressive images of “VTC Mobile Festival.