"In VTC Mobile, we believe that if we take care to the life of employee, they will do with us forever"

VTC Mobile is willing to give a good salary in order to attract people who would like to join and contribute their knowledge for company. Beside that we also build an unlimited and flexible regulations concerning rewards, it depends on what do you contribute to company? Every month, all employees in VTC Mobile are valued to pay salary as well as give bonus in fairness.

Comfortable work's environment: Each person has an area to work in the office and you can decorate with your favorite. The office is in open environment, each department can easy cooperate in working.

Comfortable clothes: Everyday you work in VTC Mobile, you don't have to wear uniform or clothes you don't like. The company encourage you wear in beauty and show your character. Specially, on every Friday you can wear any clothes you love with free style festival which only have at VTC Mobile.

Free conversation with boss and colleagues: Despite you are employer or employee, newcomer or long worker, you don't meet any barrier in communication at work. A young work's environment, integrate culture and share help everyone have a chance to show their opinion.

At VTC Mobile, "play" is also a task. The company encourage and "give money" for you to take part in activities with group. The company, the union, the youth Organization, clubs... always organize many useful activities. So when you become a member of VTC Mobile, you need to have a good health so as to complete your work in best as well as take part in movement duty.
With working and playing, study to improve your knowledge also receives a lot of company's attention. The company not only organizes training's programs about professional knowledge for each department, but also give all member chances to join in specialized club to study soft skill such as how to make a good presentation or team work…
VTC Mobile pays attention to not only you but also your family, because we know that, family is always a base and a motivation keep your mind on your work. That is the reason we build an employee welfare and go to visit our employee as well as their family when they are sickness, funeral, wedding or have a baby... Everything we do we would like all employee believe us and come along with us in business.